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Robert P. Arndt, MBA, EA

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Robert Arndt, the Owner of The Guardian tax Group is a federally licensed Department of Treasury/IRS Enrolled Agent. A tax professional recognied by the federal government as a Tax Expert licensed to represent taxpayers in dealings with the Internal Revenue Service in all 50 states.

In his 30th year as a Tax Advisor he has a BBA degree from Western Michigan University, an MBA degree from Eastern Michigan University and was a University Professor of Economics for 17 years. 

Bob has represented Clients at all administrative levels within the IRS and State Tax Authorities in audits, appeals, negotiations and resolutions (successful 118 times in 118 IRS negotiation engagements).

I present clients with the following Tax Services:

1. Prepare tax returns - for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, and any entities with tax-reporting requirements, year-round tax planning, tax advice, tax strategies, to reduce overall taxes in the upcoming year for business or personal deductions & credits - extensive review of Client tax returns for deduction and credits represent taxpayer's at all administrative levels within the IRS and State Tax Authorities; represent taxpayers in:

2. IRS or State audits - Never face the IRS alone! When you are contacted by the IRS or state taxing agency, I will defend any income tax return question.

3. Collection matters - If the IRS collection division is getting ready to seize your assets, file a lien, or levy your bank accounts or wages, the time to take action and prepare your defense is now.

I will also explain to you the relevant tax law related to your case and advise you on how to proceed. In fact, I can be your tax representation for the entire process. Through granting power of attorney, I can defend you against the IRs collection division, arguing on your behalf and using our years of experience to prevent your assets from being subjected to unfair seizure.

I am not intimidated by the IRs and I'll be a stalwart advocate for you during this very stressfull time in your life. I can also help you appeal your case even if it's after the IRS' 30 day limit. Contact me today for a free consultation and allow me to be your IRS representative.

4. tax resolution/negotiation

  • Offer in Compromise
  • Installment Agreements
  • Currently Not Collectable
  • Wage Garnishment or Levy
  • IRS Agent HELP
  • Payroll Tax Issues


  • Tax Levies & Liens
  • Wage Garnishment
  • End Penalties and Interest
  • Tax Negotiation & Settlement
  • Reduce IRS Tax Debt
  • Resolve Back Taxes
  • IRS Audit Defense
  • Payroll Tax Negotiation