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How The Guardian Group Can Help You

Tax problems never get better with time, only worse. When you have tax troubles, you want The Guardian Group to represent you and be on your side. We understand that dealing with the IRS/State Tax Authorities is a very time consuming and stressful experience. Using a variety of methods, our Tax Experts can provide tax relief to you and your family. Our goal is not only to achieve a negotiated tax debt settlement at the lowest amount allowed by law, or a payment schedule that least disrupts your economic life, but also to reduce your anxiety and stress. Have The Guardian Group deal and speak directly with the federal and state income tax agencies. We communicate and meet with them professionally, so you don't have to.

Settle Tax Debt from IRS Back Taxes. Get Tax Debt Relief.
The Guardian Group solves tax problems for individuals and businesses every day.

There are many tax services providers on the Internet, TV and Radio who offer to represent you with tax problems, but you should know that these providers do not complete the forms. Rather, they have you fill out all the forms and then they will simply forward them to the IRS. These cut-rate "experts" do little more than pass forms between you and the IRS. Anyone can mail in an IRS form. Such "service" is not professional tax representation.

Here is The Guardian Group difference:

1. We have reduced the amount our clients owe the IRS by thousands of dollars!

2. We advise taxpayers on the numbers. This is critical because, to the extent that you have assets in excess of liabilities, the IRS is not likely to accept any offer that is less than the net value of your assets.

3. We have the requisite skills gained through hundreds of offer/negotiations.

4. We are able to advise you on evaluating your assets and liabilities. For example, we will work with you to best determine your net equity in your home, on how to calculate your income and expenses, and advise you on the amount of the offer you should make.

5. We have the level of seasoned experience necessary to best argue your case.

  • We know the tax rules and IRS internal procedures.
  • We know how to argue the facts, the rules, and the procedures.
  • We are known among and credible with IRS agents.
  • We have extensive IRS experience so we know how the IRS thinks.
  • We know IRS procedures.
  • We know the limits of IRS discretion.
  • When necessary, we can write a technical memorandum on the facts and the IRS rules and procedures to accompany your request for an Offer in Compromise or Currently Not Collectible

We know when to take your Case to an Appeals level.

  • We know why an Offer should be taken to Appeals.
  • We know the Appeals procedures.
  • We know the discretion that an Appeals Conferee has and how to present an Appeals case.

We are not intimidated by aggressive IRS Agents.

The fact is that the IRS may take advantage of a taxpayer who represents himself, and likewise, if the taxpayer's advocate is weak.

If the IRS can push and intimidate, they will push and intimidate.

IRS Agents generally have "collection backgrounds" -- they want to collect as much money as possible.

This is where The Guardian Group's knowledge and years of experience in both IRS background and the tax code can be exceptionally helpful. IRS Agents and Appeals Officers know that they cannot push an Enrolled Agent that knows their rules and procedures sometimes better than they do themselves.

Use an experienced Tax Professional to Settle Your Debt!

As an Enrolled Agent that can not only stop Enforced Collections by the Internal Revenue Service but can prevent them from happening in the first place, I can often lower and in many cases, eliminate your back taxes. My experience with Penalty Abatement, Offer in Compromise and Currently Not Collectible is extensive in comparison to Tax Attorneys and CPA's. Enrolled Agents are licensed by the Internal Revenue Service for Income Tax Representation and can represent tax payers in all 50 states. They are also licensed for the preparation and filing of both individual and business Income Tax Returns for which they are also required to attend extensive continuing education for. Many of the income tax problems that we see today come from errors and missed deductions which are problems that can identified and fixed by a well-trained professional like an Enrolled Agent.

IRS Agent Negotiation

The IRS assigns "Collections Officers" to collect back taxes. Their job is to collect the back taxes as fast as possible.

To work with Revenue Officers, it is important that they understand their rights. Revenue Officers have the authority to garnish wages, levy bank accounts, file Federal tax liens and seize assets. Revenue Officers must comply with all laws and regulations put into place by Congress.

Generally, the IRS is prohibited from taking a taxpayer's income and assets, if such taking will result in an undue hardship to the taxpayer. The IRS is also barred from taking certain specified exempt assets. Additionally, Revenue Officers must conduct themselves in a professional manner and must provide taxpayers with reasonable time frames to respond to their requests. Unfortunately, not all Revenue Officers respect these limitations and sometimes conduct themselves in a discourteous manner and act without regard to the financial impact of their actions against taxpayers.

Once retaining The Guardian Group, our power of attorney allows us to negotiate on your behalf and get the Revenue Officer off your back and require them to deal directly with us. We utilize our IRS experience and Tax knowledge to identify the best solution for your situation and negotiate on your behalf.